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This section of the docs outlines in detail how Superbridge integrates with chains built with the Bedrock release of the OP Stack. Chains using this release of the OP Stack include OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Public Goods Network, to name a few.


A deposit is a transaction initiated on the layer 1 blockchain (e g. Ethereum Mainnet) and executed on the layer 2 (e.g. OP Mainnet), read more.


Withdrawals are cross domain transactions initiated on the layer 2, and finalized by a transaction executed on the layer 1, read more.

Forced withdrawals

Forced withdrawals act as an escape hatch for users and allows them to exit rollups without needing to trust rollup operators to include their transactions, read more.

Easy mode

For a small fee (to cover gas costs) when initiating your withdrawal we'll handle relaying your withdrawal to Ethereum mainnet, read more.