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Addons allow your Superbridge deployment to offer additional user experience improvements or tap into custom features of your chain. Addons are priced as monthly or one off payments depending on the work involved, so please get in touch to discuss which ones could work for you.

Easy mode

If you don't want your users to deal with the hassle of coming back 7 days later to finalize their withdrawals, Easy Mode is for you. For a small fee (to cover gas costs) when initiating withdrawals, we'll handle relaying the finalization transaction from your rollup to the settlement chain, read more

NFT activation campaigns

Users who bridge ETH to your network will have an NFT minted to their address that will immediately be available in their wallet, read more

Fast withdrawals

Fast withdrawals allow you as a chain operator, to upgrade the deployed contracts and allow you to modularize the security around withdrawals. This logic is fully configurable, so security can be increased, decreased or altered as your chain sees fit, read more.

OP stack mods or custom development

Where any modifications to your chain have been made we can work with your engineering team to accommodate these changes in Superbridge and ensure your users have a seamless experience.