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Custom tokens

If a token you want to bridge isn't officially supported yet via Superbridge, there's three ways this token could be enabled for bridging.

Custom token imports

Simply paste the token address into the token search modal, and import the token.

Note that you must paste the address of the token on the rollup.

From this Superbridge can query any relevant bridge contracts and the corresponding settlement chain token address. Simply pasting in the settlement chain ERC20 token address won't be enough.

If you need help deploying a token to a rollup, you can checkout our friends at Supermigrate or contact the team behind the rollup.

Custom token list imports

If you have a properly formatted token list that's accessible via the internet, you can choose to activate it as a custom token list via the settings modal, under "Token lists".

The tokens specified in this list will then be available for bridging.

Pull request

If you'd like your token to be permanently available in Superbridge, you could consider adding your token to our token-lists repository.