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NFT Activation Campaigns

Superbridge can run NFT activation campaigns with users to boost adoption of your network. Users who bridge ETH to your network will have an NFT minted to their address that will immediately be available in their wallet.

Each address will only be able to mint one instance of the NFT.

How do NFT activation campaigns work?

We'll work with you and your team to design an appropriate NFT and agree on the exact intricacies and configuration of the contract.

Once ready, the activation campaign will go live on Superbridge. A banner will be added to the deployment page informing users they can bridge to receive an NFT.

After they've bridged funds over, the NFT will be available to view in any deployed NFT marketplace on the network or in a special /me page on Superbridge app.


Each activation campaign is fully configurable to allow maximum flexibility for the goals of the campaign. Enumerated below are some common parameters that deployers wish to tweak.


How long you'd like the NFT activation campaigns to be run for.

ETH top up

If you'd like to reward users with a small amount of ETH, we can configure the NFT contract to reward users who mint.


If you'd like to add a fee to mint we can configure one as appropriate.

Whitelist mint

If you'd like to allow a subset of users to mint the NFT without bridging, we can add a whitelist to the contract that allows these users to mint the NFT from the rollup.